Play3arabi Startup Launches the first Historical Mobile Game in the market

 Play3arabi Startup Launches the first Historical Mobile Game in the market

F4J project has been supporting Play 3arabi startup as well as supporting startups in its outreach activities through the Entrepreneurship Eco-system Matching Grant (EEMG). This grant allowed Play 3arabi to attend multiple conferences and game summits around the world to increase brand awareness, partnerships and meet investors. As a result of this support, Play 3arabi was able to attend and participate in the Dubai Gaming Conference, Step Conference, White nights conference and Gamescom Conference which helped them to further develop their product and access to new markets mainly MENA: (GCC and Egypt) and North Africa and Levant. All of these contribute to impact on capital mobilization since joining F4J of 878,000 USD.

Recently, Play 3arabi, partnered with both Wafa Games, a growing game developer from China and Triple Dragon, a gaming investor and financier from the United Kingdom, to develop a new historical game "Swords of Glory" which allows Players to play historical battles with great accuracy, learn about their history, and battle thousands of players to dominate the throne and be crowned as the leaders of the game world.

Publishing more games as part of the business development services helps Play 3arabi startup to focus on selecting games with better growth potential and hire experts and service companies to do the localization and artwork. This all contribute to quality of games, and accordingly better positioning in the market. Play 3arabi is closing a new investment deal to keep the momentum of the success of the gamest the company launched during previous years. As such, continuous support of their fundraising activities and their presence at games conferences is essential to allow the founders meet potential investors who might be interested in joining the next round of investment.

"F4J project is a great support for us and for other startups, the Business Deplanement Services support assists us to hire marketing, product and operations consultants who helps Play 3arabi to perform as needed and accordingly increase our chances of receiving an investment." Said, Joseph Shomali, Founder of Play 3arabi.

Play 3arabi Startup:

Play 3arabi is a leading mobile games publisher focused on identifying, releasing, and marketing suitable social mobile games suitable for the Arabic speaking territories in the Middle East and North Africa region. Play 3arabi partners with game developers from all over the world to license, operate, market, and localize successful games to Arabic and publish them in the MENA region.