Palestine Employment DIB has started to prepare young people for new jobs

Rapid response to COVID-19 impact; health and safety trainings (Nursing, Doctors and Safety Engineers)) are about to launch under the Development Impact Bond (DIB), results based financed by F4J


Three contracts were signed to start youth trainings indicating the importance of the proposed medical, health and safety training programs.

Our counterpart in the Development Impact Bond (DIB) and their service providers (training institutions) have been exploring ways and platforms to keep going. Virtual mobilization and online trainings and communication are being established for the upcoming trainings; a learning process for F4J, the DIB Manager and service providers along the way.

The DIB Manager signed three service provision contracts with three Palestinian institutions; the Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE), Palestine Engineers Association (PEA) and Juzoor for Health and Social Development.


PEFE will implement a much-demanded Nursing Program; a new training and employment for Palestinian nurses upon demand from various Palestinian hospitals in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) to deliver the required skills demanded by hospitals. The PEFE program was announced through online application, publishing it through websites, mobile application and social media tools.


Juzoor's intern doctors' program is an innovative training program that is designed to serve as a stepping-stone in securing jobs or enrolling in a medical residency program. The program will target young intern doctors building their capacities to qualify and equip them to be employed and integrate them into the health system.

The PEA's health and safety specialists' program will work on preparing qualified professional health and safety specialists in the construction and industrial sectors after giving them the required soft and technical trainings through qualified team of trainers, and 6-month internships in the targeted sectors. This program will contribute to reduce the high unemployment rate (34%) of fresh engineering graduates and will also reduce the high percentage of work injuries resulting from the weak occupational health and safety system in Palestine.