Guidelines for Submitting a Compliant

In order for a complaint to be considered by the F4J project team, it is necessary to follow the below guidelines:
  1. The complaint should be directly related to the project’s components and/or to the project’s implementation or management.
  2. The complainant should submit full details and any relevant supporting documents related to their complaint.
  3. Complaints shall be filed using one of the following methods:
  • Electronically by filling out the complaint form and attaching all the related supporting documents to the following link:
  • Verbally by calling the F4J Office at +970 2 296 4840 to file a complaint with an F4J staff member.
  • In person by visiting the F4J offices in Ramallah and/or Gaza where you can complete the complaint form and sign it in person.
Section One: About the complainant
Section Two: About the complaint