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If you would like to contact Finance for Jobs project about concerns or questions regarding any of its supported activities, contact us at +970 2 296 4840 or at [email protected] 

At F4J project, everyone is responsible for ethical behavior and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. These responsibilities include being vigilant in mitigating the risk of ethical and compliance violations and reporting any violations through proper channels.

We Value Transparency!

  • Ethics, integrity, and compliance are fundamental DAI values at the core of how DAI interacts with clients, partners, employees, and vendors across the globe, for more information, please visit DAI Ethics:
  • Communities and individuals who believe that they are adversely affected by the project may submit complaints using the World Bank’s Grievance Redress Service (GRS) and/or to the World Bank’s independent Inspection Panel which determines whether harm occurred, or could occur, as a result of WB non-compliance with the WB policies and procedures. For information on how to submit complaints to the World Bank’s corporate Grievance Redress Service (GRS), the website is For information on how to submit complaints to the World Bank Inspection Panel, please visit

Ramallah Office

Haifa Commercial Center, 2nd Floor
Al-Irsal Street, Ramallah
Tel: +970 2 296 4840

Gaza Office

Capital Enterprise Real Estate Building, 04th Floor
Omar Al Mukhtar Street, Gaza
Tel.: +970 2 296 4840