Financial Instruments

Investment Co-Financing Facility (ICF)

The Investment Co-Financing Facility (ICF) is a risk-sharing grant to support commercially sound, job-creating, private sector investments which otherwise may not be considered viable due to market and institutional failures and other Fragile Conflict Violent (FCV) risk considerations.

The purpose of the ICF is to leverage private investment to create sustainable new jobs – especially for women, youth, unemployed and other vulnerable categories – by providing the marginal financing needed.

The ICF considers two different types of grants

  • Grants for Capital Investment will cover a share of the upfront capital cost of an asset such as equipment or machines.
  • Grants for Operating Investment will either compensate for operational shortfalls of the project, or to ensure the project’s minimum profitability through co-financing activities like purchasing inventory, market access and growth, and product development.



ICF Factsheet