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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matching Grants (EE-MG)


With the closing of Finance for Jobs 1(F4J1) on January 31, 2022, 48 startups have benefited from the F4J/ Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matching Grant (EE-MG) with a $8.44 million private capital mobilization and more than 200 jobs has been created over the past 4 years in Palestine. This achievement exceeded the intended targets by more than 30%.
The EEMG was designed to target early-stage Investment Funds, seeking investment in growth capital and post acceleration stage enterprises. F4J has provided ‘wholesale’ funding to Investment Funds at a cost sharing matching grant ratio of 0.7:0.3 which allowed Investment Funds to invest in business development services to develop pipelines of investible enterprises.
The attached video highlights a journey of success sharing achievements and experiences of Public and Private Partnerships through F4J.


EE-MG Factsheet