Environmental And Social Management Framework - F4J III Project

F4J Conducted Public Consultation Meetings Discussing the New World Bank Environmental and Social Management Framework in Preparation for the F4J3 Project

Finance for Jobs project (F4J) organized four public consultation sessions with representatives from public, private, and civil society organizations, related ministries, including vulnerable and marginalized groups representatives to ensure inclusion in the project design and decision-making activities. More than 200 attendants participated in these sessions. These sessions were organized to inform the decision-making process in preparation for the upcoming F4J3 project. The sessions provided a platform to discuss and raise awareness about planned activities and inform attendees about the new environmental and social management instruments.

The Finance for Jobs project (F4J) believes that the success of the project is closely tied to the engagement and input of stakeholders to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where all stakeholders can provide their valuable input and insights, leading to a more effective and sustainable project outcome. You can access these studies via these links:

Environmental And Social Management Framework of the F4J III Project - ESMF

Environmental And Social Commitment Plan of the F4J III Project - ESCP

Environmental and Social Assessment of the F4J III Project – SEP

Labor Management Procedures of the F4J III Project - LMP